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Kayaks are a great way to get around on the water. They are much cheaper than motorized boats, easier to maintain, and even easier to store.

Many kayaks can be secured on top of your car's travel racks or in the bed, and easily transported to the beach or any water way. We also carry Malone trailers and kayak dollys for easier transportation to the water from the vehicle.

Kayaks make for great fishing tools. You will quickly be able to get to great fishing spots that you previously were not able to access. Kayaks cruise into around 6 inches of water before dragging bottom. You can get to more remote fishing areas, than deeper bottom boats can normally access. This means more fish and oftentimes calmer, quieter conditions.

The kayaks we carry range in size and shape, and for the most part are very stable and difficult to flip over. Sit on top kayaks are not difficult to get into. They make for great exercise options while enjoying the outdoors. Fitted with the proper seat and accessories, a kayak can be very comfortable.

The staff at Wind and Wave will help you find the perfect fit. We will help you select the proper length, width, and shape so that you get the most enjoyment out of your kayak.